Legislation or Bill(s)

One proposal, SB 158, would allow police departments to apply for grants to implement body camera programs

Collection of Video

Body cameras should be activated only for law enforcement purposes. Officers may choose not to activate a camera or to turn a camera off during any nonconfrontational encounter.

Retention of Video

Recordings will be kept for at least 90 days

FOIA Exemptions

Recordings concerning incidents under investigation are exempted from public records law, but may be released to the public if it would further a law enforcement purpose. Recordings are exempt if they do not relate to a law enforcement purpose or if they were not required to be made until this law. Recordings made in private spaces or during pedestrian or traffic stops may not be made public without written authorization from the subject of the recording or the subject's authorized representative. Before releasing any information to the public, the agency will redact confidential information.

Broadly speaking, dashcam videos are exempted from public records law if their release would interfere with detection, investigation or prosecution of a crime