Legislation or Bill(s)

The city implemented a 6-9 month body camera pilot program in November of 2014 for 36 officers with a goal of issuing cameras across the department by late 2015

Collection of Video

Per the department policy for the pilot program, officers should activate their cameras when reasonably safe and practical for certain incidents, including traffic stops, arrest situations, and any time an officer feels it is appropriate to preserve audio or visual evidence. Officers may deactivate when protecting accident scenes, monitoring traffic posts, or assisting motorists

Retention of Video

All data shall be retained for one year unless under a specified classification option then for at least six years. The Minneapolis City Council is considering revision to the policy which could require video to be maintained for at least 90 days and destroyed within 1 year, if not part of an active criminal investigation, or maintained for at least 1 year and destroyed within 3, if involved in an investigation

FOIA Exemptions

Public release of body camera video is in accordance to current state data laws. The MPD Records and Information Unit is responsible for storage and management of the body camera data and release of the data to the public

None at the local level