Legislation or Bill(s)

One bill proposed in state legislature (HB 1279), but not enacted.

Collection of Video

HB 1279 would require uniformed officers primarily assigned to patrol to wear body cameras.

Officers could stop recording during encounters with other officers, encounters with confidential informants, strip searches, when on a break, or in any location the officer has a reasonable expectation of privacy. Residents of houses officers enter under nonexigent circumstances may request the cameras be turned off

Retention of Video

HB 1279 would require all recordings to be retained for 120 days, or for 3 years if the recording involved (1) an incident involving the use of force, detention, or arrest, (2) the recording is relevant to a complaint, (3) a request regarding the recording has been filed, (4) a subject of the recording requests the recording be retained, (5) a third party requests retention, when there is some basis to believe police misconduct ocurred or there is reasonable suspicion the record contains evidence of a crime.

FOIA Exemptions

HB 1279 would allow the subject of a person to request a copy of an unredacted recording, but uredacted recordings would not generally be publicly disclosed without the subject's consent

Covered by General FOIA Exemptions