Legislation or Bill(s)

AB 162 permits body camera use. Enacted on May 25, 2015; becomes effective January 1, 2016.

SB 111 would require body camera use. Passed and sent for enrollment on June 1, 2015.

Collection of Video

AB 162 allows, but does not require, police to use body cameras. If using body cameras, police must develop policies and procedures for their use

SB 111 would require all police who routinely interact with the public to wear a body camera while on duty. Police would be required to develop policies and procedures for the use of body cameras

Retention of Video

AB 162 leaves the details of retention up to the police

SB 111 would require the police retain body camera video for at least 15 days

FOIA Exemptions

AB 162; SB 111 specify that body camera recordings are public records, but can only be requested on a per incident basis. If the videos contain confidential information that cannot be redacted, the video will only be available where the record is held

Covered by General FOIA Exemptions