Legislation or Bill(s)

Two bill proposed in state legislature (HB 583 and HB 617) that would require body camera use. Both were pending in committee as of February 6, 2015 and did not advance.

Collection of Video

HB 583 and HB 617 would require police to wear body cameras whenever interacting with the public.

HB 583 specified that the director of the state police to have a written policy covering the proper use and activation times of body cameras.

HB 617 would require police to activate body cameras at the start of any police service contact with citizens.

Retention of Video

HB 583 would require the director of state police to have a written policy that outlines the retention period for body camera video.

HB 617 would require body camera video to be erased every 14 days unless being used as evidence in a case or investigation

FOIA Exemptions

Covered by General FOIA Exemptions.

HB 617 would exempt body camera video from the state right-to-know law, however.

Covered by General FOIA Exemptions