Legislation or Bill(s)

The city has been using 12 cameras since December as part of a pilot program. Seattle's federally appointed police monitor recently recommended a camera for every officer in the city.

Collection of Video

Under the pilot program, officers are to record: responses to 911 calls, Terry stops, traffic stops, on-view criminal activity, arrests and seizures, searches and inventories of vehicles or persons, transports, vehicle eluding/pursuits, questioning suspects or witnesses.

Retention of Video

The department has over 360 terabytes of stored data and is publishing redacted versions of all video on its website, so retention appears to be indefinite.

FOIA Exemptions

The video is subject to Washington state disclosure laws but the department is publishing all video on YouTube and is burning over 7,000 DVDs per month in response to FOIA requests.

None at the local level.