Legislation or Bill(s)

One bill proposed in state legislature (HB 386) would have required body camera use, but it did not pass

Collection of Video

HB 386 would have required officers to record all "law enforcement encounters," including (1) stops; (2) dispatched responses; (3) interrogations and interviews; (4) uses of force; (5) pursuits; and (6) executions of warrants. Local agencies could implement additional policies that meet statewide minimum

Retention of Video

HB 386 would have required retention for a minimum 30 days and a maximum of 180 days

FOIA Exemptions

HB 386 would have exempted body camera footage in two scenarios: (1) where a reasonable expectation of privacy existed and the footage did not constitute a "recording of interest" or (2) recording contained images that could be used to identify an individual and the recording is neither relevant as evidence nor a recording of interest

Covered by General FOIA Exemptions