Legislation or Bill(s)

One bill proposed in state legislature (H.279 would have required body camera use, but it did not pass

Collection of Video

H.279 would require recording of any interaction with a person the officer has reasonable suspicion to believe is committing a crime or violation. Recordings should include pursuit, apprehension, questioning and arrest or citation. The person of interest would have to be informed that he is being recorded. Dash camera videos would be required to be turned on when police blue lights are in operation

Retention of Video


FOIA Exemptions

H.279 would make videos of initial arrests public. Otherwise, records dealing with "detection and investigation of a crime" would be exempted to the extent that disclosure (1) could interfere with enforcement; (2) would deprive person of a fair trial; (3) could constitute an unwarranted invasion of privacy; (4) could ID a CI; (5) would disclose techniques/procedures of investigations; or (6) could reasonably be expected to endanger someone's physical safety

Covered by standard FOIA exemptions